Monday, March 24, 2014

similar commission.

Acrylic on 40" x 40" x 1.5" wrap canvas

"How long did it take you to paint that painting?" is a question that I am oftened asked.  Why does it matter? Is time being equated to value?  I think this question is probably most asked when it comes to art. It's a skill like any other that takes years to build. So, whether a painting takes a few hours, weeks or months may just depend on how many foundational years an artist has worked.  I once heard an artist answer that question with "all my life"..and thought that was a very good answer.

Why doesn't a athlete get asked "how long did it take you to win that race?" It obviously took more than the that 30 second in that sprint, as it took years of training to get to that point.   This can be applied to so many professions…yet it seems like it's the visual artist's that get popped with that question. I answered that question in  a post that I wrote after my first year into painting and working full time as a professional artist. It can be read here , warning….it's long.

This painting was commissioned as a gift.  The buyer really like "Ultramod" 40" x 60" (which is still available!) but asked if it I couldn't recreate a similar work but smaller, 40" x 40".  Ultramod, was one of those paintings of mine that I really struggled with to find it's flow, but one that has been a very well liked painting, but ironically still available.  In painting "Vanguard", I didn't really have that struggle as the composition and color scheme that I was to work from had already been created.  However, when I am being asked to recreate a painting from a previous work I feel there is a fine line there between a similar painting and also allowing the new painting to be it's own unique voice too.  So, in that sense there is a struggle when working a similar painting.  "Vanguard" turned out to be a lighter painting with more contrast.  The struggle is in letting go and accepting that similar means similar and not the exact same.  There is still that comparison, though.  My husband liked Vanguard better…you can also choose.  If it's Ultramod…then yay…it's available..and for sale! perhaps for you???

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40" x 60" x 1.5" Acrylic on canvas

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Elizabeth Chapman
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