Wednesday, September 16, 2009

celebrating color with a.....


Contemporary Modern Abstract
Acrylic on 24" x 48" (1.5) canvas

.....fiesta!! Having grown up in a hispanic culture where every occasion or event was a reason to have a fiesta, this painting celebrates color with RED.

We have a collection of bottles that we have been buying and saving, pretty much because we just liked the shapes and colors. I had set these bottles up on a studio table with the intention of painting a still life. Well....I later decided to scratch that idea and just began rolling the paint out on this canvas. I was simply working on the design of the painting when I began to see a few bottles emerging and went with it. It took some time to find them all. Stepping away or leaving and coming back tends to give a fresh perspective.

"ooh that is really RED.." ya that is what Don said when he walked in on me as I was in the midst of having such a great time with all this. It always just kinda sort of annoys me when he does this- it's like when someone says " that is really in..te...res..ting" when they don't quite know how to tell you they don't like it. Anyway, I ignored the remark and continued on...

Good thing, because just as I got it finished the opportunity for it to be on display presented itself. Tomorrow it will be at the "Go Red Luncheon" for the American Heart Associations annual fund raiser at the Oasis Convention Center in Springfield with nearly 600 participants.

Funny how things work out...the Creator at work again!!

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Cestandrea said...

Hi Elizabeth, this is a really rocking painting, so vivid and the bottles move! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, now I'm here and smiling about the story which goes with this red fiesa:) You know, my dear husband sometimes does exactly this kind of remarks too, which first irritates me to no end and later I laugh it. The comments are sometimes constructive and sometimes they are not, LOL:)
Thanks for this vibrant still life,
greetings from Paris to Missouri:)