Monday, March 30, 2009


"Twofold" SOLD!!  This was my very first abstract acrylic painting to be sold from my blog.  Thank you! Thank you!!  I was so excited about this sell and then a bit sad.  We had begun to enjoy it hanging on our wall.  It was a new experience in many ways.  Here we are packaging this 3ft.x 4ft painting... and the final letting go-
Here's the hubster rolling out the extra large roll of bubble wrap!!
Wrapping the painting and then...
the challenge was in measuring and then fitting the cardboard ....and taping- we taped!
then there was the goodbye..... from our house to yours!
Happy Birthday!! 


Julie Allain said...

Oh well done I'm not surprised that it sold it is beautiful

I would love to own a piece of your art x

Elizabeth said...

Julie Allain,
I'll be back to painting tomorrow, maybe they'll be one for you!! and thanks for your kind comments!