Friday, April 3, 2009

A Weeks Worth....

"Secret Garden"
8"x 10" Contemporary Abstract Acrylic
Gallery Wrap Canvas

This has been a busy week with a lot of family events.... ups and downs.. more on all the excitement later. So, I haven't kept my blog up like I would like to, but I have kept my painting up. Thought I would post this weeks creations with a few explanations.

Contemporary Abstract Acrylic Palette Knife
(2x) 20"x 24" total measurement is 24"x40"
Gallery Wrap Canvas

I just finished this one today. It actually began with a preconceived idea for another painting that just wasn't working, and so finally I let go of it and began going with it and this painting began emerging. It reminded of a photograph I had seen on my daughter Elsie's blog this week. Her and her boyfriend went to Italy for a week to teach classes. She had posted this photograph of this town on a hillside with the night hours beginning to settle in. The buildings and houses with lights on sparkle against the dark background. It had taken my breath away when I saw it, so beautiful and it and I guess it must of stuck. So, I guess you could say that "Italia" is an impression of this scene. Also, it was so good to see them come back so refreshed and inspired!

Contemporary Acrylic Palette Knife Abstract
24" x 36" on a Gallery Wrap Canvas

This one speaks a lot to me... as we've had some ups and downs this week. I intentionally decided to work with blue, which is a color I don't often work with a lot. Other than that I didn't have many more preconceived ideas, I just started with the blues. I had a lot on my mind about this weeks family events as I painted this one. I began to see the waves emerging and then decided to add just a bit of the opposite color orange to set them off. My husband walked in as I was painting this one, and just loved it. He titled it "Deep" because of the water and waves and on a deeper level is spoken about in Psalms 42. This title was so perfect on so many different levels.

"Beautiful Scandalous Night"
Mixed Media
5 1/2" x 7 1/2" on Arches 140lb. acid free paper

Mixed Media
5 1/2" x 7 1/2" Arches 140lb. Acid free watercolor paper

Mixed Media
9" x 11" on Arches 140lb. Acid free watercolor paper

This week I began experimenting with another medium, but still working abstractly. These last three are combinations of watercolors, pastels and acrylics, finished off with a clear varnish.

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Liz V. said...

i love your experimentation! the different medium has such a different effect but the pieces are all still so lovely!