Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dedicated to........

Love Love
My first dog portrait!!
Emma asked me to paint this portrait of her dog to frame in gold.
King Love Love

Love Love is our daughter Emma's pug. Elsie had bought her this pug for her 21st birthday while she was still living at home finishing her degree. We kept the dog for her while she moved ahead to relocate in L.A.- This last January the second dreaded moment arrived (the first was when she moved) when she took her dog with. her to L.A. Of course, we had grown very attached and it was difficult to see him go.
It has taken me several months before I could even look at his photograph to paint it.
Love Love as a puppy. Soooo cute!!!

Love Love and my husband were pretty good buddies. He called him Bubbie.

At Cider Days with his first bar-b-que sandwich.

The girls had gotten me this black pug for mothers day several years ago. Gigi and Love Love grew up together and were very close. Gigi was the boss!

Easy going and veryyyyyyyy special!!

LoveLove and Gigi snoozing in my studio.
Ya, I know your probably thinking- these people are crazy- yep, it's true we are pretty dog crazy.


Julie Allain said...

awwww he is adorable I really do feel your pain, your painting is wonderful you have really captured him

You are inspiring me to want to pick up a paintbrush...... I really love all of your art

Julie x

jennamichelle said...

Aww :) What adorable pups! The painting is absolutely beautiful. You are very talented!

Anonymous said...

i miss you too grandma. tell grandpa that caleb still calls me bubbie sometimes just to make my mom mad. i like it.

tell gigi she was never the boss.

i love you,
king love love