Monday, March 23, 2009


                                         Contemporary Abstract-Palette Knife                                          

24" x 36"


It's spring cleaning time around here, and there's plenty of it.  Several weeks ago I began cleaning out what we call the junk room.  It's the furnace room in our basement were we have been storing stuff for the last twenty years.  We seem to have been left with all kinds of memoralia from years gone by.  So, any way I am decluttering and decided to tackle the worst first, the junk room.  You can actually walk through there now without climbing over stuff.  Still looks like several weeks away before it's done, hopefully it will get done.  The outside work has begun as well with the planting of the garden and this week there was the trimming of the fruit trees and fence row overgrowth.   You can also tell it's spring cleaning time because we're walking around complaining about our soreness!!

As far as painting goes, I manage to squeeze it in whenever I can.  Today, I put the finishing touches on this painting.  I love the title my husband picked out for it!   "Intersect"  I also began a watercolor painting.  I don't know why I just felt like watercolors today.  Maybe it was all that cleaning!  

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