Monday, February 9, 2009

Autumn Dusk

"Autumn Dusk"

Acrylic on a gallery wrap canvas

24" x 30"


I am presently working on a very large abstract. Sometimes these happen rather quickly and sometimes it takes a lot of time until one is fully resolved. I thought I would go ahead and post many of the first abstracts I did a few years ago. Some of these were done in watercolors, some in acrylics and then some are collages.

This painting was one of those that took a long time. There are many different paintings(layers) underneath it. I mean I spent a lot of time trying to resolve it, thinking that perhaps it just wouldn't happen and then one day within a two hour session it all came together. Wow!!


Julie said...

Oh my this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!

elizabeth said...

thank you JUlie!

Tina said...

That last paragraph was something I really needed to read! I've spent so much time creating layers upon layers when I'm not sure where I am to go with the painting I'm working on... I never end up finishing those ones, because I'm never satisfied. I guess sometimes it just takes a while... and then **Poof!** there it is! I'll have to keep trying. Thanks for the inspiration!

Autumn Dusk is definitely my new favorite... though I still love the Orchids and the one that looked sort of like a carnation. These colors are perfect, but I'm such a lover of texture and it shows so much of that in this one that I am smitten! Hehe :")