Thursday, February 5, 2009




Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

24" x 30"

"Rose of Sharon"

5" x 7" matted and framed to 12" x13"

Mixed Media

and the answer is..... The Sydney Opera House! Many of you guessed the landmark that Ocean Opera was titled after. Well, I got done with Ocean Opera and I was staring at the next canvas. This one already had this golden under painting on it that I had put on last summer, with another idea in mind, and then I left it to work on watercolors. As I got ready to begin this one, the night before I had absolutely no idea what it would be, but I did know that it would happen.

I had brought home the smaller framed painting from the Bellwether Gallery, and had hung it on
the wall in our living room. The next morning as I was eating breakfast I glanced up and noticed the background color on this little one was almost exactly the color I already had on the canvas downstairs! There it was! I would reproduce it on to the larger canvas. It absolutely amazes me how God provides. Along with some of my abstracts, this had been one of the paintings that Hawthornes last fall had liked, only they preferred larger pieces. I have an appointment to take in abstracts at the end of this month, and so I've been concentrating more on these abstracts. It still amazes me! The canvas was ready, I had just picked up the piece it was to become the day before, and then I just happened to glance at it as I was eating. Hope they like it!

There it is on our wall! I had to check it out and see how it looked. The little painting came about last fall as I was working on another abstract for several hours and listening to Secret Garden. I was a little frustrated with what was going on and picked up a small piece of watercolor paper and Rose of Sharaon just happened. Enjoy!

Tomorrow night is First Friday Art Walk for downtown Springfield, and the grand opening for RedVelvetArt. We were there this morning helping to hang some prints on clipboards. It is all so beautiful and amazing. They were taped this morning and will be on tonights news. Looks like we are going to have some nice weather as well, and this will help bring everybody out.

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Tina said...

Oh, I so wish I lived closer so that I could visit the new Red Velvet store! *sniffles* Maybe I'll get to go see it in person some day...

These two paintings are gorgeous. I think I like the gallery-wrap look best, though they are both great. What a nice way to find inspiration, in something you did once before! :") Neat!