Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ocean Opera

Image size: 12"x 24"


"Ocean Opera"


I don't feel as if I have a lot of words to write today. This is the painting that I finished today.
Several weeks ago I blogged on how I started these by laying all these canvases out across tables in my studio. My goal was to get away from the realistic flowers for a bit, and paint the abstracts that I really had stopped doing. Well, this one is that last of all those canvases that were laid on the table. I have two left, and they are big. The biggest one has been on an easel with an undercoat since last summer, and the other is leaning up against the wall. These two scare me.

My husband titled this one. He said it reminded him of a landmark down under. Can you guess it??


Jamie said...

The Opera House! I saw it in the thumbnail in my dashboard! :)

I've been a big fan of Elsie for quite awhile and she's a huge inspiration to me. I've been following your blog since you started it even though I haven't yet commented! I see where she gets her talent!

I love your work!!!! Your abstracts are amazing!!!!

Tina said...

The Sydney Opera House! Your husband is right, it really does look like it in that beautiful abstract way that you have.

My, I miss a few days and your blog has EXPLODED! How fun to see so many people enjoying your work, just like I do! This is fantastic, congratulations. :")

margot said...

beautiful colors!

noell said...

This painting connects with me in a very beautiful, soul-stirring way. Thank you!

aniheartsjapan said...

That's what I thought of just looking at the painting before I read your post. It's beautiful!

Color Splashes said...

Congratulations! it is the Sydney Opera House. Thanks once again for your kind words, they mean so much to me!