Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Ninth Hour

Watercolor Collage

"Ninth Hour"

Matted and framed to 19" x 23"

This is another one of those pieces I did during an earlier period when I was first starting to play around with the watercolors. It began with a watercolor landscape painting in which I had became frustrated with and tore into these many pieces. Yes, I really hate to admit I did that! Anyway, after having torn this painting I began to put it back together. Imagine that! I kinda liked the look so just continued to play with arranging and gluing the pieces down. I love the colors in this one!


Anonymous said...

Hi!! I miss and love you. I've subscribed to your blog so now I have my eye on you. :)


Color Splashes said...

I'm really hoping this is Carrie from Texas!!