Thursday, February 12, 2009



Mixed Media

Matted and framed to 24" x 30"

This is another one of those paintings that has many layers and layers. The layers are mostly transparent and made up of various materials. It was mostly done with watercolors, but then at one point it just wasn't working so I gessoed over an area and worked with some acrylics, and lastly oil pastels were used. This is one of those pieces in which I am reminded in how all things can come together and work in creating something beautiful. Like the way God can take all things, no matter what they might be, and use them to bring goodness. Lily has been matted and framed with an off white matt and frame.


Elisabeth said...

Oh wow...I really love it !

Have a great week-end !

Elisabeth from Montreal XxX

Color Splashes said...

Thank you!!