Thursday, February 23, 2017

looking for a home....abstract painting "Plush".

Mixed Media Acrylic on 35" x 25" canvas $875
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Original Painting Available: HERE or by contacting me:

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The painting above is the completed version. What do you think?! The image below is that same painting from several years ago and I really liked it then, but never felt as if it was ready. It was  among a stack of "not sure that I'm done" paintings. Yet, I just couldn't figure it out. Several attempts were made, but still nothing was enough.  Turned out what it needed was a willingness to take a risk....and so I did! Now it is finished!...and ready to leave home!  Enjoy!!

Plush (before image) from 2015

The finished version of this painting is the one above. 

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Thank you for viewing! elizabeth