Tuesday, June 10, 2014

studio dilemma

Acrylic on 36"H x 48" x 1.5" wrap canvas


I am still struggling with working in my studio.  Only now it is because we've had to so some unexpected work on the basement ceiling, (not my studio) which curtailed removing the previous ceiling texture and replacing sheetrock.  It is a mess.  Therefore, I only tip toe through when I really, really need to get something. Not feeling like working down there with all that mess.  Plus, still working on the lighting in my studio.  This painting was completed last week before all this begun.  

Yesterday, I just needed to paint. So, I brought my watercolors, gouache, brushes and paper upstairs.
I've now set up a temporary studio in the kitchen!  Here I have decided I will use up the watercolors and gouache paint.  Because I mostly paint with acrylics the watercolors have not been used as much over the last few years.  Good watercolor paint is expensive, but a little bit goes a long ways and so they can last a long time. Only, if not used up over many years they will turn gummy like in texture which is what has happened. Gouache is another watercolor medium.  It is more opaque than watercolors.  I call it the oils of watercolors.  Love the feel of being able to mix and blend with them, especially with white.  To resolve the problem I'm having with the watercolors having turned gummy like, I'm mixing  white gouache into them.  Mixed media.

Back to the studio dilemma.  I feel like a broken record going over and over the struggle I've been having getting back into feeling at home in my new studio space.  It takes time to get things to where they are working for you.  I was encouraged this morning by reading another artist's struggle with this dilemma.  I've always admired her work and is pretty much a daily read of mine: Texas Artist Laurie Pace  Not feeling so alone now, in my struggle.

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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