Thursday, March 6, 2014

which way.

Acrylic on 36" x 48" canvas

I painted this one as a horizontal but when I turned it as I so often do with my paintings to find it's strongest side, I found that I liked it as a vertical too.  I could not, could not decide so decided to put it on Instagram/Facebook for a vote.  The comments were all interesting and it pretty much came out about half/half in favor of horizontal or vertical.  Here is the horizontal for you to decide:

As a horizontal

So what do you think? As I favored the vertical,  I added the white drips making it more towards a vertical, but still works strongly as a horizontal.  Someone suggested that it would depend on the space that you were going to hang it.  Totally agree.  I've decided that this one is just as strong as a horizontal as it is a vertical and could be hung either way.  That is true for so many abstracts, but still I always like to pick it's strongest side for listing.  Not so with this one, as I will be promoting it both ways. Everyone wins.

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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