Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Vibrant ll" and lll?

Vibrant ll

Contemporary Modern
Acrylic on 24" x 40" (1.5) canvas

To purchase contact: Kylee at Hawthorn Galleries

As I posted on Friday, it was the First Friday Night Art Walk and the opening night for WAM.  It was such a beautiful night, great music, appetizers and such a great crowd came through to enjoy the art.  We so enjoyed meeting and visiting with everyone.  As an artist I spend a lot of solo studio time and seldom have the opportunity to hear so much feedback.  Everyone was so very gracious!  It reaffirmed in me  about how much of a need there is to have art in our lives and how it helps to connect us to each other.

This piece has also been previously posted but it reminds me of fall and it was one of the floral abstracts that was much admired the other night.  In fact Vibrant l sold a few months ago and with the comments I was hearing about Vibrant ll, I got to thinking maybe it's time to begin on Vibrant lll!

Well, if you have actually read this far- I have got a little surprise for you!!  This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while, just hadn't thought of how.  I would like to GIVE AWAY a small abstract painting to a follower.  If you think you would like one just leave me your name either in the comment section or email and a name will be drawn.  The winner will have their chose from the small abstract section of my web gallery.  This will end on Tuesday night 9:00 p.m central daylight time!

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman


JP said...

Jennifer Palmgren - from Kansas - just love your work!

Brooklyn said...

A little late for the giveaway, but figured I would at least let you know I frequent your blog and love your work!!

Brooklyn in Franklin, TN

Color Splashes said...

JP- Congratulations!! I hope you will check back on this comment section. I need a way to contact you to claim your artwork!