Monday, August 3, 2009

long story short....

Second Act

Modern Contemporary Abstract
Acrylic on 36" x 48" gallery canvas

I painted this one to replace another painting, THE SHOW, that someone was absolutely in love, in love with but then couldn't purchase it because it had sold.... or so we thought..... that's the long story short. BUT, because of this the idea for a theatrical series gave birth. This is the SECOND ACT, which will be followed by FINALE and lastly CURTAIN CALL.

I found it very difficult and procrastinated for days in starting this one. I was hung up on re-creating one like the first one, "The Show". Once I began and put that first mark down, it began to unfold and I simply allowed myself to go with the creative flow. This one has it's own uniqueness that I absolutely love. To see "The Show" and "Second Act" go to My Web Gallery (large abstracts) and they can be viewed side by side. Click on the photo for larger version and the magnifying glass to view detailed color. The reds in the photo of Second Act tend to all blend in the photo but under the magnifier it's possible to see all the golds, yellow, coppers and oranges that make this area so rich. The photographs are close but again just really do not give the paintings justice. The colors in both of these are beautiful!!

No two will ever be the same. I can't believe now that I thought I would be able to recreate the first one. My husband pointed out that it is just like having kids. That is so true. I even did that with them. After Elsie the oldest, who was born with the darkest hair and eyes I assumed that the second one would be just the same. Really I did. (you know dark hair and eyes are dominant) Well, then Emma came along and she looked a lot like her sister but had lighter hair and blue eyes. Then Doren, the youngest had blonde hair.

So now, because of this long story short there is a theatrical series, two paintings and a person who will be needing to make a decision.... or maybe not and take them both home!!!

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman

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