Monday, August 31, 2009

living in the moment....

The Moment

Acrylic Palette Knife Painting
7" x 7" 140lb. paper

As I was painting , I was thinking about what a beautiful blue the sky had been that afternoon, after a storm had came through and all the tops of the trees contrasting against the blue. This small abstract painting is a moment captured in time. It's also made me think about how we so often allow our thoughts to dwell on the past or are pushing ahead and worrying about the future, rather than just being thankful for and living in the day. We have a friend who at one time was homeless and has had to learn to survive from day to day. His favorite phrase he uses a lot is "live in the moment". Enjoy the day!

If you've got some time check out the Daily Abstract Painter's Blog and if you live in the Springfield, Missouri area I have some new work at Hawthorn's Gallery which will be up for the First Friday Art Walk this Friday night.

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