Wednesday, September 2, 2009

cafe con leche....

Rainy Day Cafe


Abstract Expressionism Palette Knife
Acrylic on 24" x 30" (1.5) canvas

I haven't quite made it out yet for my first pumpkin latte for the season from Starbucks. Maybe today?! That is what this painting reminded me of- coffee!! As a child growing up in Venezuela, my grandmother Simone would fix us a cup of cafe con leche. This was a small cup of some very,very strong coffee with lots of cream and sugar. It was wonderful!! I love going to coffee houses or even just the smell as I walk past one!!

This is one of those paintings that did not come together that quickly and was a bit of a struggle. It turned out to be a matter of selecting the areas that were the most interesting and allowing them to become the focal by de-emphasizing those surrounding areas through glazing. A rainy day coffee house, with it's reflection in the street. Can you see it?

As far as the idea for the painting, well most of the time I just select a color palette and begin. The first stroke is the hardest! ..... after that one leads to the next and next and..... The verticals seem to continue to emerge through many of my paintings. It seems very natural and my signature when working abstract expressionistically.

..... well, sounds like rain out there this morning and smells like the coffee is ready!... gotta go


Trains and Sewing Machines said...

Oooo I love it!! I can see the reflection. This is beautiful :)

mickey nice said...

I really like this painting very much. It seems deep, with many layeMickey

mickey nice said...

I meant to say, on my last post -".... many layers", but you probably figured that out.