Thursday, July 16, 2009


Contemporary Acrylic Abstract
8" x 10" canvas

A recent painting of mine working with a floral. I enjoy painting in this style so very much. It's the merging of the realistic and abstract sides of me. The difficult part is that when I work with a recognizable object I have a tendency to revert way back over to the realistic side. With this painting I worked back and forth between the floral image and the background keeping myself thinking more about shapes, colors, textures and more abstractly. Lots of thick acrylic paint!
This painting can be purchased from the RVA website.

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman

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Sheila said...

That background is perfectly painted in those cool hues to set off that beautiful bloom! Thanks for the info on that DailyAbstractPainter's blog. I sent an email to see if Kimberly would be interest in me joining!