Saturday, February 28, 2009

Two in a Day

"Earth Move"

Acrylic Abstract on Canvas Panel

8" x 10"


Transparent Watercolor on Arches

8" x 8"

I really never thought I would do this, but today I painted a realistic watercolor painting and an abstract. I usually go through a period where I'm doing just abstracts or just realistics. This was a surprise to me. I was really pushing to get them photographed so I could post them today, and so the watercolor was taken outside on our front porch. Well, it is snowing today and some snow blew in as I was photographing. If you look closely you'll see the snow flakes on Beauty!! No, I didn't paint those in. I did have a moment of panic though as it was getting wet, but it did dry without any spots.


Adam Desautel said...

I really love the designs!

Liz V. said...

these are so beautiful!

Elizabeth said...

Adam and Liz-
Thank you!!