Monday, March 2, 2009



Transparent Watercolor

8"x 8"

Still waiting for my large canvases to come in, so in the mean time, today I....
was never totally satisfied with Beauty, so I worked some more with the background darkening it and this really helped make the orchids pop.

I'm really pretty excited about this one. I've decided to open up an Etsy shop with small abstract paintings. I bought the canvases over the weekend and got started on them today.
They'll be individual pieces, sets with two, three and four canvases.
Anyway more on these as they evolve.


Acrylic on 4" x 4" canvas


Liz V. said...

the darkened background really does make the orchids pop! it looks so good!

its so good that you document your work with photographs--then you can really see the effect of a small change such as this one!

sophia said...

"she called out my name..."
i see a red dress.
lovely painting.

elizabeth said...

Liz- Thank You! I'm hoping it will also help others to see the difference small changes can make.

Sophia- Thanks for the title! I always love hearing what others see.