Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Contemporary Abstract Acrylic

5" x 5" on black easel


Contemporary Abstract Acrylic

10" x 10" (4x 5"x5")

The canvases arrived today! The very large canvases arrived!! I'm excited about working on these but once again feeling a little intimidated by how large and how many. It's just a matter of getting started. Sometimes that can be the hardest step. I imagine I will probably wait till next week to begin these. This week I've been working on a very small, small scale!

I have felt so honored by the inquiries that I have had about my work. Yes, I have absolutely loved receiving these e-mails! It really makes me happy to know that the work I am creating is speaking to others in such a way that they would inquire about purchasing art work. Unfortunately though I have had to reply that the majority of those pieces are now in a gallery to be shown in June. So just for you, this week, I've been painting small abstracts that I will be posting on Etsy this week. I just got through listing the two that I have posted here, and will continue to post them as I get them done.

Here is something else that I got excited about today. As I was photographing Pursuance I realized that there are so many combinations that the four canvases can be rearranged into, creating a different painting each time. It was just the coolest discovery to be able to arrange these paintings horizontally, vertically, upside down, etc., Some of them will be in sets of twos, some in threes, and this one is a set of four.

And lastly, the single abstracts can be displayed on a little easel. I think these are adorable!


gianlucio said...

Hello Elizabeth, I saw beautiful, congratulations!

Elizabeth said...

Thank you very much!!