Friday, February 27, 2009

Sets of Two's and Three's

"Liquid Cool"

Abstract Acrylic Set of two panels

9" x 24" (2x 9"x 12")


"Cold Night"

Abstract Acrylic Set of three panels

12" x 16" (3x 12"x 16")

"Ice Flower"

Contemporary Floral Abstract Set of three panels

9"x 36" (3x 9"x 12")

This week I got just through ordering some more large canvases. Am I crazy or what?! So, as I wait for those to arrive I decided I would get out what I had left with the small canvases and use them. These that I have posted along with Kite Flite were the productions of the week. The fun part about painting the abstracts is that I never know how there going to turn out. Even if I do start with a preconceived idea you can pretty well can count on it changing, usually a lot! I'm going to get back in there and paint a few more floral watercolors as well.



ani hearts japan said...

I love all of these, but SO love the "Ice Flower" set. It's gorgeous! Have you painted any cherry blossoms? Those are my favorite flower...I love looking at cherry blossoms in art.

elizabeth said...

ani hearts japan,
Thanks! I would love to paint some cherry blossoms. I know what you mean, I've seen some really neat paintings with cherry blossoms.