Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Acrylic on 32"W x 36"H x 1.5" wrap canvas
Ready to Hang


I've been waiting to share a series of new works with the new year.  …and here we are 2014!

Why wait?  I suppose it's because I've been experimenting with some new techniques and just seemed fitting for it to go with a new year.  I'm totally sold on using Golden acrylic paints, mostly for the color saturation factor that they have.  The heavy body have been my favorite in that I like to build up a surface of paint and they work well with a palette knife.  Recently, I've been attracted to working more with layering creating more of a translucent surface in which underlying shapes and colors can be seen. That brought me to trying Golden's liquid acrylic paints.

This painting is a combination of working with both the liquids and the heavy body.  For me the liquids are a lot like working with watercolors.  Last year,  a technique began to develop in which my intention was to create a watercolor abstract on paper.  Mien and Chichi are examples of this. Somewhere along the line, the acrylics would work themselves into the painting. That is what happened here.  The intention was to strictly work with the liquids, but along the way the heavier thicker paint I am accustomed to just crept in. 

Oh, well…however way, it worked. Don't you think?

Hope 2014 is full of new created treasures.


Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Painter


Sheri Trepina said...

Yes Happy New Year! Love this new work...and the colours are so inspiring! Sheri

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you, Sheri.