Thursday, May 30, 2013

for the love of.....

Mixed Media on 30"H x 22"W 150lb. watercolor paper

Ready to be framed


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This week I worked on a large tryp-tych (60" x 60") that will be a gift for our son Doren's new apartment.  Soon I will have it photographed to be shared here.  I began two new paintings that will be works in progress and completed this one and it's only Wednesday.   Phew!

Working on more than one painting at a time helps take me away, giving me a fresh perspective and I to see the next step when I get back to the work.'s productive!!

This painting was began alongside another one. (that one is not completed)  The initial inspiration was upon waking up in the morning there was an iris that my husband has placed in a vase on the dresser. I love flowers and am especially fond of the buds, just before they bloom.  This had both.  

Later, after the morning routine of coffee, breakfast, alone know the routine, I went to work. Knew just exactly what I wanted to work with.  Picked up that floral arrangement and took into my studio where I placed it on a table that my grand daughter uses for her play dough and such.  

Decided I would also take a picture of it...just incase.  That picture can be seen here, as an instant gram.  When I saw the picture, I was struck by all the colors that were in the background created by Penny's artwork that we've been hanging up.  I really had no idea how much of an influence that would turn out to be, as I did think back on that initial thought several times while working on this piece.

The painting was begun by soaking the paper down with water.  Then by placing the first few strokes of watercolors allowing first impressions began to show through.  While wet a quick gesture drawing was done.  Then began the process of layering watercolors in between drying time.  Acrylics began to be worked in along with adding gesso.  Quite the mixture.  In time there was scratching through the surface of the paint allowing previous layers to be seen and creating patterns.

Painting change immensely from the original watercolor, gesturally drawing.  But, one thing remained...that I absolutely love....and that is the bud just beginning to blossom at the top of the painting.  Do you see it...or is it just me?

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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