Monday, June 3, 2013

a wonder....


Acrylic on 20" x 60" x 1.5" (X3) canvases.  
60" x 60" Tryptych


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The top image is the completed painting that I created for my son Doren's new apartment.  This will hang on a large wall.   Delivering the panels there tonight and I can't wait to see what it looks like on his wall.  It's a loft apartment and so his kitchen and living room are all in the same space.  The kitchen counter has lights that hang from the ceiling that are cobalt blue color.  These had caught my eye and just knew I would want to incorporate that color into the painting.

When he first asked me if I would paint him something for his apartment, I just wasn't really to sure I could fulfill that assignment.  We have many things in common, of course we are family, but artistically we are different.  I'm abstract, he's graphic.  He once approached one of my paintings and said "but look mom there's a blob of paint here".  Without him saying anything else I knew it bothered him that it wasn't smooth and blended out. To which I responded "I know, it's texture, it's part of the painting and I like it".  That should give you an idea of our differences!

So, I asked him, "what type of painting would you like this to be"...trying to get some ideas of what he might like.  "Well, mom, I would like for you to paint something that reminds you of me"  Oh boy, I'm thinking that is quite an assignment... how do I approach something like this abstractly? And then, "What if you don't like it?"  The good mom that I am put it off for awhile in hopes that he might forget.   For awhile that worked and then he was over asking about where to buy a large canvas to paint.  Just knew with work, school and a daughter that he needed some help.  There were three canvases in my downstairs studio that were perfect for this project.  I was inspired!!

 Now, back to how to approach this painting with what he had in mind.  I had no idea and so I just started in the same way I typically work.  Intuitively. One mark, color leading to the next and next and next, always hoping for the best.  There were so many childhood memories of Doren that went into this painting.  It was like memory instagrams!  So, in that respect it is a painting that reminds me of him.  I didn't think of it until later but he always liked green and there did turn out to be a lot of green in this painting.  As, I was painting some of the blue in it reminded me of a time that we painted his room a requested blue color and then felt as if we were in a fish bowl. Lots of movement too...he gets to see that now in his daughter!, who is so much like he was as a child.  He was born with eyes that were wide open, moving all around checking everything out as if in amazement!

This last image was actually the pic that I took, thinking that I was done.  Although, to be honest there was something I felt missing but couldn't quite get it.  I was looking at it one morning as I was getting ready to post it and began to see circular shapes that just seem to be asking for some definition.  The painting would need to be re-photographed.  Unfortunately, I had already put the finishing varnish on when I discovered that I wanted to work with the circles.  Photographing with the varnish already coated on has caused a bit of glare in the finished (top photograph) In this bottom one you can get a better idea of that area. (before the varnish)

So there you are son...hope you are always totally amazed!

Love you SO

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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Bren Thebeau said...

Fantastic piece! It's vibrant and full of depth and movement, he's going to love it. So appreciate your sharing the story behind the making of it.