Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Commissioned Modern Abstract Painting "Ipseity"

Acrylic on 36" x 48" canvas


I'm posting the second of two paintings commissioned by Brian and Alexandra. I actually painted this one first. The inspiration for it was from "Gold Rush". The two paintings were to be different yet still go together. Scroll down to see "Archetype".  Rich colors were built up layer by layer creating lots of  real surface texture.  Funny story here. Brian and I had a mix up when communicating a problem that he saw on the right side of the painting with what appear to be shapes that looked like c/o. I searched and searched and could not find what he was pointing out. Finally, I wrote back with I can only find what your talking about on the left side of the painting.  Right away he realized the problem. Turned out working in the medical profession he reads images turned around as if from the back side. lol. My left is his right and vice versa.  After having gotten a few minor details adjusted we were done. I say we, because both paintings were a collaboration between myself and this wonderful couple that I feel I got to know along the way. This painting is now hanging in their home.

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