Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Modern Abstract Painting "Archetype"

Acrylic on 30" x 30" canvas


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One of my favorite quotes is by the artist Matisse and goes something like.. 'let the art speak for itself'.  Perhaps I so like that quote because it highlights THE ART and nothing else. And also, because I'm really not very good at articulating my thoughts in words. Not a wordie person. I've always been a quiet, shy and more on the introverted side...a visual communicator. As much as I would like for it not to be so, it is so.  let the art speak for itself takes the pressure off of explaining it.

I love hearing from others how a particular painting speaks to them. That is what I got to hear from the couple that commissioned this painting. This is one of two that I created for them. (I'll post the second one next time) It meant so much to me as an artist to be able to hear what this painting meant to them upon seeing the completed image. It really was a confirmation that art can speak for itself.

First, a bit on the commissioning information. I was given images from a style of work that I was doing from back a few years. like 2011.  Links here: Double Take, Thirds, Tonality and Gold Rush. (It was a challenge for me to go back and figure out what type of paint I had used. With this one I found it was Golden Liquid Acrylics, Azo Yellow and Quin Gold. Lots of layering working with them much like watercolors.) I have always loved and still do being turned loose on a commission without to many specifics. This was way different. BUT, I found that it actually made it so much easier than I would have thought. It was definitely the most detailed instructional commission that I have ever done and I loved it! 

In wrapping it up and sending an image for it's final approval, I was told what they saw in the painting. How it spoke to them. I knew nothing else about this couple except what I had been given concerning color and style. I was totally wowed by what they saw.  I am a believer in Jesus Christ and what He has done for us, but I don't attach my beliefs to my work at least in written word. I do often pray before I begin a painting and much while painting. When they told me that they saw a tomb, like a cave with the Arch, the squiggles on the side symbolizing the ascension of Christ and a cross in the center.  Amazing. They had wanted to ask me to place a cross in the painting, but where afraid they might disrupt the creative flow. But, there it was. How cool is that?!

Thank you Alexandra and Brian for choosing me to create this piece for your home...and thank you for sharing your story in order that I was able to see that art truly does speak for itself. I'm really not needed for that part. 


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