Wednesday, April 30, 2014

minis are back.

Acrylic on 4" x 6" heavy paper.
Mini Abstract

A good time to begin posting my new mini abstract series.  There are thirteen of them so far.  For the most part they were painted in pairs and so would complement being hung next to each other.  Of course, I wouldn't stop anyone from purchasing the whole collection for a wall display!  Hard to believe, but these little ones can be just as difficult and time consuming as a large abstract. I'm pricing them at $50…fair price as they would need to be matted/framed.  The title will be a date.

I haven't got it all worked out yet, but would eventually like to offer them matted and ready to pop into any standard 8" x 10" frame.  Also, would like the title written in pencil on the bottom left and artist's name on the right. (top example)  With this first batch of thirteen only the first two are like this.  So, for now they are being sold without matts to keep them consistent. The first two could always have this bottom edge covered with a matt in order to match the rest of them.  Here is what I need to work out:

1.  By taping off the extra space when I begin for title/name I am determining which way the piece will be displayed before it's painted.  Not good for me as many times I find a stronger side when rotating the image.

2.  This could be resolved by having paper edges that go all the way around the painting and are visible  through the matt.

3. Or, perhaps I should scratch the whole paper edge thing and have them matted up to the painting's edge and initialed them MEC just like I do my large abstracts.  

Available from the new mini abstract category: HERE

If you've read about the matt here on my blog and like it…let me know and will ship this painting out with the matt.

Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist

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