Monday, August 19, 2013

progression of a commission.....


Commissioned painting 36"H x 50"W x 3/4" wrap canvas


I'll be posting here the progression of a commissioned painting that I have been currently working on.  The requested painting is to be similar to a smaller painting (seen taped to the canvas) that I painted earlier this year without the vase in it.  When completed this painting will make it's home in a condo by the beach in Hawaii and I will be personally delivering it there! ...well, not really..but a nice thought!  

When I begin an abstract, for the most part, I really don't have an idea of what the finished painting will look like. Oh sure, I might have what I think it should look like or an inspiration but more than likely that will all change.  It's different when I have been asked to paint a similar painting to one that I previously created.  Now, I definitely have an idea of what the end work is to look like.  Knowing the process that I took in getting that painting to where it's at, my first thought is usually "oh my, how will I ever re-create that one".  Upon closer analyzation of the painting, I will see a way that I can create a similar piece and will formulate a plan.

Here is the first step. Sketching out the basic elements of line and shape for a general location of where to place the bouquet.  I have also  decided that the best approach would be to layer in the back ground, beginning with the lightest colors and then paint the florals.  We'll see were it goes from here....

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Elizabeth Chapman
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