Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rococo,Contemporary Abstract ORIGINAL Painting by Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 36" x 24" x 1.5" canvas


So, where did the title for this painting come from?.....  Well, glad you asked!  I pulled out a book that I've been reading lately, 'Finding Divine Inspiration' by J. Scott McElroy and flipped through some pages until my eyes fell on this paragraph.  'Schaeffer points out that God reaffirmed His interest in artistic beauty later when He gave David the plans for the temple, which Solomon built.  Second Chronicles 3:6 says: "And he (Solomon) garnished the house with precious stones for beauty" (KJV).  Shaeffer writes,"Notice this carefully: The temple was covered with precious stones for beauty.  There was no pragmatic reason for the precious stones. They had no utilitarian purpose.  God simply wanted beauty in the temple.  God is interested in beauty.'  ......there you have it garnished.  I then took this word into thesaurus and found rococo which has a similar meaning, and it just seems to fit this painting so well!

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Bren said...

'garnish' oh I love that! Great piece and a great name for it, Rococo