Wednesday, May 23, 2012

what can I say...

'Pool Side One'

Gouache on 8" x 11" 140lb. watercolor paper


I've been playing lately with gouache paints which are a lot like watercolors only opaque.  The first time that I painted with them they reminded of my experience with having worked with oils in college.  Must be something about the way they can be moved around and their opaqueness.  This painting was working from a photograph of my mother and her sister sitting by the pool side.  A vintage picture in which my intent was for it to be a loose colorful figurative abstract....and it was but then something happened and it got really loose!!  (sorry mom)  But, I LOVE it!!! I'm not able to explain what it is that I am enjoying about it.  So, what can I can say....

Any ideas for a title??

Thanks Carol!! Read comment to see how this one was titled.

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Elizabeth Chapman
Contemporary Abstract Artist


Carol Engles said...

Love it! Wonderful colors in this. You and gouache are a good team! I am impressed. Ideas for title: "Poll Side One" And then do some more pool side abstracts - Two, Three and Four. I am serious!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you, Carol!! That is such a wonderful idea and I do have another pool side photo I am now thinking about!