Saturday, March 3, 2012

Experi, Modern Art, Mixed Media Contemporary Abstract Painting, Original, Elizabeth Chapman

Mixed Media, 6.5" x 9.5" 140lb. paper
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Yes, it's another small mixed media where is this taking me.   Well, sometimes I believe it's just good to take a break or change things up.  I love this post that my daughter Elsie wrote on her blog about having taken a break from painting. You can read about it on A Beautiful Mess, here.  Excited to see her new direction!

As I have been posting lately these paintings are being started differently.  I am beginning with gestural drawings in graphite to the feel of music and then bringing in color.  I've been enjoying the look of the graphite showing through the paint and the addition of lines, creating another dimension of depth.

Today...not feeling much in the mood to paint....

I walked into my studio where I have an enourmous canvas (60" x 40")  that my husband has put up on the wall for me.  I have been staring at it for days....with various ideas and inspirations coming to mind, but a lack of motivation to begin.  I decided I would start with my new found mixed media method and paint some small abstracts, perhaps this would warm me up for that monster on the wall.

Hey, it worked!!... after having painted on the small ones (they'll get posted later) I took up a piece of Nupastel and began gesturally drawing to music on the large canvas.  Loved it!  Then came a decision on color and I began painting.  I was so wrapped up and truly enjoying the experience that I have decided to not worry about getting it done....and just simply go back to it from time to time, day to day....layering and enjoying the process.  We'll see!

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