Friday, March 2, 2012

Splendor, Mixed Media Contemporary Abstract Painting, Elizabeth Chapman

Mixed Media 7" x 7" 140lb. paper
Click on image for close up
Another small abstract on paper,  playing with watercolor, gouache, graphite and a touch of acrylic paint.  I've been starting these out with the graphite lines in response to the music I am listening to, and then painting over them.  I like the look of the graphite showing through....any way always experimenting!


Bren said...

Reminds me of Jonas Gerard, love watching that man paint. Love your experimentations :-)

Paula S In New Mexico said...

I would love to see you working....a video perhaps?????

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Bren...I have watched him too and he is great fun to watch....gorgeous large abstracts as well!!

Paula S...perhaps one day!!....would have to get over worrying about what others might be thinking.