Saturday, November 12, 2011

Violacious, Floral Abstract Painting, Original Art, Contemporary Painting, Elizabeth Chapman


Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4" canvas
ORIGINAL painting


'Garden Life'

This newest floral abstract painting "Violacious" reminded me of one I did several years ago titled "Garden Life". (link to it here) It is interesting to compare the two as  I was once again attracted to and used the same photograph I had used then of a cluster of African Violets.  It is difficult to see and you might it see it a bit better by clicking on the image, but there is a lot of thickly painted areas which contrast with areas where paint was simply allowed to run.  A fun piece!  If your interested in this one it may be purchased directly from my blog at the top 'florals' tab, here.

Prints/Cards of this painting available from Fine Art America, here.

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Bren said...

Your garden is growing so beautifully! Great pieces.