Wednesday, July 29, 2009

life is good....

Garden Life
Just sold!!!

Abstract Expressionistic Painting
Acrylic 24" x 30" on gallery canvas

Today, I went to pick up art work from Hawthorns Galleries here in Springfield, Mo., as they are preparing for their next featured artist. VERY..VERY ...very thankful for the work that has sold. I am also excited that they are going to continue to carry my work. If you happen to be in Springfield, Mo. you might just want to pop in and see what they have. I will also be carrying a few original works on my daughter Elsie's online store Red Velvet Art .

This painting that I have posted today was one that I brought home today. I painted this last winter during a time that I guess you could say I was making a transition between the realistic and abstract. It began with a photo I had taken at a lawn and garden show. Having worked for many months realistically with transparent watercolors my intent was to paint this realistically with acrylics on canvas. Well, inspiration took over and before I knew it there was this painting that to me represented more of the feeling of the life of these flowers than the actual physical appearance.

Garden Life...... life is good!

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman


Anonymous said...

No wonder it was meant to be mine, I'm ALWAYS somewhere between the real and abstract. :)

Color Splashes said...

you so make me laugh!!

Color Splashes said...
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