Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fresh Bouquet, Floral Impressionistic Abstract Painting, Elizabeth Chapman

'Fresh Bouquet'
Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4"
To purchase contact me: Elizabeth

For the love of painting.   There's a newness and a freshness to this painting that I believe comes from my resolving to paint simply because it is a part of my life.   The process of creating brings me joy and knowing that I am speaking a language that will perhaps bring a glimpse of light to someone else is an even greater joy. 

The inspiration for this floral painting came from a bouquet on a Southern Living magazine cover that had caught my eye.  This painting began as a horizontal, but it wasn't long before I had departed and was in the abstract realm.  I turn my paintings a lot as I am working and it was with this vertical perspective that I began seeing this smaller floral bouquet.  Guess it was just meant to be a floral! 


Bren said...

Elizabeth this is so beautiful, love your abstracted florals and this one is brilliant. You skill with a palette knife is amazing.

Mary said...

oh wow, this is amazing.
i so love your work!!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thank you both....your so sweet.

Carol Engles said...

Hi Elizabeth! This is fantastic. The flower petals are amazing. Please do more!