Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fantasia, Colorful Abstract Painting, Original Art, Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4" canvas
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Completed Fantasia

Just having a lot of fun as I got totally absorbed with color.  I've been told that my work involves a complexity of layers.  I really can not explain how it is that I do it, other than I usually stick with a painting until I reach that point that I feel there is completion. Larger paintings can be exhausting. Sometimes I may stop too soon and then there are times where perhaps it's been over done.  I am never satisfied with either one of those.  I posted this second painting so you could see where I had stopped, thinking I was done.  As I was giving a lesson, (sorry, Dina) my eyes kept going back to it....searching, searching.  Just needed a little something, but what?   After having taken a photograph of it, I was able to see the change I wanted to make.  So back into it I went!


LM Paintings said...

Elizabeth, Love your paintings!
For me, seeing the painting scanned/photographed helps me see it more objectively, like someone else did it. Then I see what needs work!
Thanks for showing both versions! This is a lovely finish!

Elizabeth Chapman said...

Thanks for elaborating...that's exactly right.