Saturday, September 3, 2011

Peachwave, Contemporary Expressionistic Abstract Painting, Original Art, Elizabeth Chapman

Acrylic on 16" x 20" x 3/4"
To purchase contact me: elizabeth

Empty nest isn't so bad!! we are going through our house cleaning, rearranging and decorating.  Just finished hanging some of my own paintings!!  If I can get some good indoor lighting I'll take some pics and share them.   This painting is much like "New Song" with a lighter palette.  As I've posted before I am experimenting with various other color schemes. 

With all the rearranging, my studio is presently full of the larger abstracts, some of which I just recently brought home from a local gallery.  I'll be working this week with finding storage places.  Ultimately, of course, I would like for them to find their own special homes.  If you've seen one in the past on my blog that has stuck with you, please feel free to inquire.  Just email me a title or a description and we'll see if we can't get an abstract painting hung on your wall!  


Bren said...

I'd say you're handling your own challenge of playing with new colours beautifully. This is a strong piece even though it's a lighter palette. Storage always an issue, wonder how many times we've 'rearranged' to make things work better :-) Looking forward to pics of your hung art.

Anonymous said...

Just came accross your work, very nice! I recently just rearranged my studio also. it's always that thing I don't like having to do but feel so much better when it's done.