Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Wind Flowers' Modern Contemporary Floral Abstract Painting by Elizabeth Chapman

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Yes, another floral!  Just been having a great time with these.   I feel as if I have come full circle with the florals.  As I was seriously beginning as a painter, I began with florals in a VERY MUCH more realistic style with watercolors, (many of these can be seen in my first blog entries) then later departing into the abstract realm. These have been bringing together many of the various areas I have been working in, into what I would call a  modern contemporary abstract floral.  This is an acrylic palette knife painting on an 8"x 10" (3/4") canvas and is priced at $45.00.  It can be purchased through pay pal by clicking, then scrolling down on  the elizabethchapmangallery.

Daily Abstract Painter
Women Artist of the Midwest


Sheila said...

Again, your blooms remind me of beautiful dancers which flowers often resemble when they sway with the wind. Beautiful!

Manon Doyle said...

Sheila is right! Your flowers are doing a beautiful dance!! Wonderful work!