Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Cross Section" Watercolor Abstract Painting

Cross Section

Gestural Watercolor on paper

"Cross Section" is part of a  gestural painting series I have began.  This is the second one which was untitled until just now!   A gestural drawing or painting is one that is done quickly in order to capture the essence, feeling or impression of something.  In studying this one, it reminds me of a small piece or a cross section of fall with all of its beautiful colors and textures.  I'm doing these with watercolors/gouache and will post them in between the larger paintings.

Fall is a season that I believe brings us closer to home.  We begin to make those preparations for the winter months, holidays with family and friends.  Lately we are preparing for our first grandchild, to be born, Penelope Bloom!  Penelope will be another one of our many fall birthday's to celebrate. We also have our daughter, Emma flying in from L.A for her Dad's birthday and Doren, Sarah and Penelope's baby shower this weekend and are looking forward to and preparing to spend time with her.

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