Monday, September 7, 2009

expression overflowing......

Mountain Flower

Contemporary Abstract Floral
Acrylic on 20" x 16" (1.5) canvas
( 1 of 2)


for commissions please contact: Elizabeth

This is the first painting of a set of two that I have recently done as a commissioned piece. (I will post the second one tomorrow) Inspired by a camping trip to the mountains in Colorado, Amy gave me some photos of a favorite flower of hers the Columbine. Other than just giving me an idea of the size of the format, she pretty much just turned me lose to paint my own expression of how I saw these flowers.

The colors are an exaggeration of the actual colors of the photograph, a meeting of the abstract and realistic styles. As I have had a few days to just simply enjoy the finished paintings, I have pondered the thought of how each of us has a unique expression .....that is beautiful in the eyes of the Creator. It is a gift that is given in order to fulfill the purpose of your life bringing it to light and allowing it to shine that others may see and know as well.

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kendra moberly said...

how fun that i saw this one in progress. its amazing!