Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dancing outdoors...

Mountain Flower
(2 of 2)

Acrylic on 16" x 20" (1.5) canvas

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This is the second painting of this Mountain Flower set (the first was posted yesterday). Both paintings are the same size with one being displayed vertically and this one horizontally side by side. The first painting showcases the beauty and uniqueness of the Columbine flower and the second painting emphasizes the beauty of the grouping of these flowers in a natural setting. Isn't it neat to see how great they all look together, yet each one is so unique and different.

Once again I was working from photos that Amy had given me. As I worked on this second painting with a brush in hand, my hand literally danced across the canvas painting these flowers. It left a feeling of these flowers being alive in this outdoor Colorado setting with the beauty of the sun brightly shining and a bit of a breeze blowing through the flowers.

Amy loves the outdoors. This was a camping trip that she went on with a group of friends, one of those being her dad. They have all the camping gear for this sort of a thing and spent a week hiking in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and sleeping on the snow! She commissioned me to paint my artistic interpretation of these Columbine flowers, which will now hang in her home and be a remembrance of this trip and the outdoors that she loves so much. Thank you, Amy!!

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gianlucio said...

Hello Elizabeth, beautiful painting, congratulations!