Thursday, August 20, 2009

....does it speak?

Hidden (1 of 2)
Acrylic on 16" x 20" canvas

Hidden (2 of 2)

I knew I wanted this painting to have two canvases and so I worked on both of them at the same time, back and forth. There was a few times that I felt like they were good, but it wasn't until I was willing to take a risk that the strongest design emerged. This time as I was working I was mostly thinking about the design of the piece and not attaching any meaning to it. That is what is so interesting about them....

I love hearing the interpretations that others will have about the abstracts. But, many times that won't happen unless I first make a choice to not explain my take. Henri Matisse is known for having said, "An artist ought to have their tongue cut off and allow the work to speak for itself." No, I am not going to cut my tongue off, but your interpretation is as real as mine.

These two canvases were finished and I had them setting side by side against the wall, when a friend of ours came over. He proceeded to tell us what he saw and it could be seen even better when they were stacked as they've been posted. It was his story that brought meaning to me for this piece. It was then that my husband titled them Hidden, hiding the interpretation from the viewer. Now you may see your own!

These two canvases can be interchanged for various displays to the collector. I have initialed them on the side and signed them on the back for this very purpose. For purchasing you may contact me at:, Also, visit my web gallery.

Daily Abstract Painter Elizabeth Chapman

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