Saturday, August 8, 2009

another baby leaves home.....

Ya, isn't that crazy?!! ....but it did feel like another one of the children was departing from the nest. This painting is titled "The Show" and it has been written about on my blog (in fact just a few days ago) and can also be seen on my Web Gallery. Erica has been absolutely in love with the colors in this work and is taking it home to hang above their couch.

Lately, I've been humbled by the interest and joy I see owning a work of mine brings other. I'm sorry to say that I enjoy the whole process of creating so much and of course the end result of that is to sell the work, that I had never thought a lot about how it makes the buyers feel.

Erica and Joe, it makes me so happy in knowing that this painting brings you joy and means so much to you. Thank you so much!!! "The Show" will be making it's new home in Omaha, Nebraska.

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