Wednesday, May 6, 2009




Contemporary Acrylic Abstract

36" x 48"

Good Morning!  This one will certainly wake you up with lots and lots of bright colors!  This morning I'm going to be packing up the car with the rest of the work for the June show at Hawthorns Gallery.  yay  If you live in the Springfield area, I would love to see you!  The opening night will be with the First Friday Art Walk, Friday June 5th- 6-9p.m.  Otherwise the work will be on display throughout the month of June.  Oh, and as a side note- my husband Don and Jeremy Larson will be providing the music for the opening. Thank you guys!  This is my first solo show so  I'm very excited and a bit nervous about my work being up for others to see.  I'm positive in my thinking, but can't help but have those doubts creeping in. 

I hope that you enjoy this piece- It's one of my favorites so far- I love the color!  It was inspired from a comment by Kendra- in which she had suggested using colors and combinations of red, yellow and green.  I took it as a challenge and began with only these three colors on a black background.  This is  a very large work- 3ft x 4ft.  It began with a curvilinear line and then I began working the shapes and balancing color around it. As it progressed I began seeing the large circle shape as a watchful eye over a city.  Also, not only was there a nine but I can also see a ninety one.  (shapes running through the center of the nine)  One of my favorite things about the pure abstracts is that others see there own stories, so I hope that mine hasn't ruined yours.

Thanks for the comments! as you can see I am reading and taking them to heart.  They really do encourage and inspire me.  I'm taking a few days and then plan on beginning work on a new series of work.  I love creating and painting!!

Today we will be seeing Emma off, back to L.A- sooooooo sad.  I always loooooove it when she's coming in, (just knowing that she's around) but then the leaving again is hard.  I know that she misses us terribly, but also that she is very happy there pursuing her dream.  And so, knowing that she is happy is a comfort to me.

Well, I'm off to get ready. Enjoy today's colors!

Psalm 91  Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty...........


Moon Katty Studios said...

What a glorious painting! I absolutely love it.

Kendra Moberly said...

there are no words....i love it!!

Rhonda said...

This painting is amazing! Wow! I love it. I am imagining it on my living room wall right at this moment. Sigh.

Freckled Nest said...

it was so magical, i loved seeing it in person! i miss you and your special family... and I gasped with joy when I unwrapped your gift for me, thank you SO much!
give Gigi a kiss for me,

Tina said...

AMAZING! Yes, I think that is the right word for it, definitely! I love how the curve of the nine is SO subtle within the confined squareness of it all... lovely, lovely!!

I am so wishing right now that I lived closer, so I could see some of these works in person when you have shows like the one mentioned in this post. *sigh* If I ever make it out that way...