Thursday, May 14, 2009

Check out my Widget!


Contemporary Acrylic Abstract Painting
8" x 10" on 3/4" wraparound canvas

I am so excited!! I got invited to join the Daily Painters Abstract Gallery and yaaaa! I accepted. It is such an honor and yet so humbling to me to be recognized by these painters. If you look on my sidebar you will see the widget that will take you to this site. You have to click on the Daily Painters Abstract in order to see all the other artist's paintings. Also, I got some more lessons on technology. Not only did I learn how to add the widget, but also a paypal button. Everyday I become a little bit more technology minded!

This will be such a wonderful experience. As most of you know who have been so faithfully following my blog (thank you), I've wavered back and forth between the realistic and abstract trying to find my niche. I have resisted the abstract, yet it seems to be my stronger side. I believe joining the daily abstract painters will keep me focused on painting abstractly. It also presents another venue to market my work. This is a most difficult part for me, the business side. Also, I would like to say that this is answered prayer for direction. God is so very good.

Today, is my birthday!! Not being technology minded should give you an idea of my age! Anyway, I am going to take the day off- and be back to studio life tomorrow to paint, paint, paint.....

The painting I posted today- was painted yesterday! It was sooooo much fun to paint. I painted along side a student of mine who is 8 y/o. She is very expressionistic and I'm not sure if I'm the teacher or she is! Check it out on my widget.

Have a great day!


Jamie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy your day!!

Miss Wanderlust said...

Love the widget!!! Super exciting :) I am loving all of these paintings. So inspiring :)