Friday, May 15, 2009

way inspired....

Friday A.M.
Contemporary Palette Knife Painting
8" x 8" on canvas panel

Sooo, I was inspired with some new colors that I bought this week.  I painted a lot of small paintings this morning.  This one that I posted was the first one-   and so did I have to use every color in the same painting?!  apparently I did with this one!  I've been away from doing the pure abstracts for a few weeks and painting these smaller ones helps me to get back to.....

the larger canvas's.  We picked up two really large ones this week.  A 3ft x 4 ft and a 30" x 40".  Perhaps tomorrow- I've been tossing ideas around, but then what most usually happens is those  first marks will lead to the next, and then the next, and the next.... it's just kinda scary starting.  I always feel intimidated in the beginning.  It's that just getting started. 

I'm going to be providing the opportunity to purchase many of these off my blog.  Shipping is for North America.  Contac me at for international prices. You can click the paypal button for price of painting plus s&h.  Friday a.m is on a canvas panel that could be easily popped into a ready made frame.  No matting necessary.  Enjoy!

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