Monday, April 20, 2009

"Green Garden"
Watercolor Collage
Image size is 8" x 10"


I am in a bit of a slump right now and so this morning I've just been going through and looking at my past work. This was one of the first ones I did several years when I started working with watercolors. I would cut these shapes out and then use them like a stencil, overlapping shapes, colors etc... in the end I discovered that the actual stencil(s) I was using could also become a part of the design and I began gluing them on the painting as in this one. I've always loved the greens, blues and textures with the hint of red violet implying a white flower in the background.

From this stage I went to painting realistic florals in which I really enjoyed the cropping of the flowers and creating paintings that were semi-abstract- the flower was definitely recognizable, but it was more about how I was using the space that challenged me. I really did enjoy painting these with transparent watercolors. Then I went to the abstract stage of the last few months. I so enjoyed the freedom of expression with the acrylic paints and a palette knife on canvas. Many of these were pure abstraction and others have recognizable images. I painted everyday for 8 months with purpose and confidence.

So where am I now? well it appears to be in a slump. I've enjoyed working in so many ways, but just feel as if I need to choose. I haven't painted for a week and am looking for inspiration but nothing seems to be happening. I keep thinking this is just a part of it and need to just accept and embrace this time. I've always believed that if I just kept painting everyday in time my own niche would emerge. So perhaps there is something to come from this. I hope. I also know that discipline in painting everyday is so important and am hoping to get back in.

I began this blog as way to record my journey and a part of that is where I'm at today, so I thought I would be honest and post that presently there isn't any flow of creative energy occuring. I'm giving myself some time and so may not be posting as often to work through this.


Liz V. said...

i think that you will work through your creative slump... your work is so lovely and the colors are so beautiful, and i think that these qualities definitely mark your style, although maybe a little more broadly.

i hope that this time isn't too frustrating. i'm excited to see more of your work as you continue to find your niche!

Freckled Nest said...

hi :)
I think you'll come thru this soon enough and I agree, there are defiantly rewards and benefits from pushing thru a slump.

If you feel like you need an idea...

What if you find one of your past paintings that had a story as you painted it. Now, paint a sister painting to continue that story using a similar style as the first one, but that the new painting reveals whats happened since the first painting?

I hope this makes sense. If you paint something, I'd really love to see it on Sunday and hear about the story :)