Thursday, April 23, 2009


"Sea Shoal"
Contemporary Acrylic Abstract
36"x 24" (3x 12"x 24") 

Well,  I've not painted much this week due to my slump or what ever you want to call it.  I did finish up some touches on this painting, though.  And... it's been a good week to paint the sides on paintings, finish final touches, seal, wire the backs, view other art work, clean the studio, learn how to use the iphoto on my macbook and think.  I am beginning to feel like I want to pick up the brush and get back in there again!  yea!!


Kristin Ann said...

I absolutely love your art work!! I found you through your daughter's blog, which is amazing as well. I paint myself but have had a hard time getting out of realism; you're definitely going to be in my favorites now!!

Cheryl KVD said...

This is beautiful! I love contemporary art - your art is amazing!

Rhonda said...

Often, what appears to be a discouraging slump is really our mind's way of forcing creative rest on us. You have been producing work at a phenomenal rate over the past 8 months. I see the slowdown as a natural part of the creative process. The down times are great times to rest, listen, pray, think, restore. It must have been what you needed. It happens in the writing life too--often after major exhaustive effort, or when I'm standing at a crossroads of decision and not sure what to do.

So, I guess to sum it up. Artistic slowdowns are normal, even healthy. And I didn't want you to worry too much about yours.